Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ladies Bible Study 2/8/10

Ladies bible study was a blessing last night. We had 11 people and two of them were new faces! Praise the Lord! We had a quick game of commercial slogans and then went into our James study. We finished out the first chapter. Although everyone seemed extremely quiet (they must have had a full, busy day!) there was some discussion. I love James because it shoots straight from the hip~ no beating around the bush~! Maybe that's why everyone was quiet! LOL

After study we took prayer requests and then stood in a circle to pray.

Afterward it was wonderful to just stand and talk with ladies about our up-coming Extraordinary Women Conference coming March 5th and 6th. To make plans and actually see it coming just blessed my heart! There may be as many as 8 so far, and that's far more than I expected. Oh Lord, that even more would come!

I want to encourage you if you've not been able to come to Bible study to come on Tuesday nights. We are just a bunch of regular people discussing scripture... who care for each other and hold each other up in prayer.

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