Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ladies Bible Study 2/2/10

Last night was our second Bible study in James. The main topic was temptation. We all know that we are going to cross temptation on a daily basis. I pray that each person there last night has a renewed vigor and strength to face life each day. We all have each others backs... we have people we can call, and most of all, we have each other that we can pray with and for.

We had 11 ladies last night and it was very encouraging to see everyone interacting with each other. At one point I asked everyone to share something with the person across the table from them that they could be praying with each other about and immediately the room errupted with talk and concern. Watching the faces of the ladies looking and listening intently to each other warmed my heart to no end... I left with a smile in my heart.

I want to encourage you today to resist that temptation in your life... the Bible says that when we do that, that satan has to flee in Jesus Name.

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