Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Morning Lord!

Good morning Lord! Wow, I'm tired this morning. This being busy the first three days of each week and not coming home until 9:00ish is taking it's toll! And, tonight Lacey and I are supposed to meet some OBU recruiters in Krebs at Roseanns at 6:30 ~ depending on whether or not we get a "wintery mix" that is called for....

I've always been a sleeper. Take away my sleep and you have one sick (literally) and cranky gal. I have very low tolerance for extremely long hours..... It's not a will issue.. it's a "can my body handle it" issue. I've always had to try to get to bed pretty early and sometimes extrememly early.. if not, I will "hit a wall" and that's when I feel, that God *forces* me to rest. Not sure why I share that... lol

Wednesday night services were really good. There was a lot of meat to chew on and a lot of things brought up to make you think. We are in this world, but not of it... or are we? It's a choice we have to make... and our life is all about these choices. Are we going to shut off the TV if there is cussing or if there are scenes that make a sailor blush? Are we going to stand and listen to a dirty joke all the way to the punch line? What are those things in your life that satan sets as pretty traps? Don't be decived! So many times when we see that thing that is shiney to us.. we are drawn in... and it's only when we have it in our hands that we realize the trap door has been shut and we've been trapped. Be aware of your surroundings... who you hang around with, what you watch or listen to. Pray that God will give you such a dicernment that you will see traps from afar and turn the other way.

Today watch closely for those traps. Make WILLFUL changes in your life. Be purpuseful. Obey Him and His ways.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers today~


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